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CHOOSE TO ADVERTISE WITH US.....+255 713 883 797

Chavala Ideas Platform to launch "LADIES TALENTS BATTLE" on 13rd OCt 2013 in Dar!!!

What is it?
This is the special project aiming to discover, nature, nourish, brand and place on market board, different talents such as singing; playing different music instruments; dancing; dramatizing; fashion and designing; story telling; poetry; comedy; moderation and all other natural talents that are lying within ladies’ natural potentials along with spreading the good news, new hopes and new motivation to themselves (Ladies at large) and the whole community concerning different sensitive issues that are termed as challenging challenges within the society of ladies and at the end to leave them with clear understanding and confidence about themselves for the Glory of Kingdom of God.

Why is it?
Because they have talents and their talents are real, why not creating the room/platform for them to manifest fully?.... Yes! no more hiding, no more trying, it the time to it for real! Personally I believe that giving them a unique and zoomed platform for them to show what they have, it will encourage many of them who are still hesitating to start doing something; it will enforce those who are doing to be more serious and it will give the society a special eye (consideration) to them.

Why now?
It has to be done now because the right time is always now and the vision has come very clearly for now generation. In the other side there are several groups of NGOs, world religions and the so called Gender activists are very busy feeding our ladies with negative information, negative beliefs and negative perspectives about them and that may yield the society of lesbians and women who has completely negative perceptions toward their husbands if they got married, and so we ought and we must do something for the sake of our future. One Wiseman said “The triumph of evil grows when good people are doing nothing”

How will it be?
All of our activities in this project will be done in a form of a special campaign by which there will be special Concerts and tours in different places such as churches, schools and higher learning institutions. Furthermore there will be a special TV program/show that will comprise different issues including feedbacks of concerts and tours from different fields, hope that will help millions of ladies to be informed all over the country. There will also be a magazine and small bulletins with different information that can help them read slowly and understand.

Where to be done?
It is to be done in Tanzania and we have choose to start in the largest city of Dar es salaam; all activities and tasks will be done in Tanzania and all requirements we need will be found in Tanzania, Local media to be used and the magazine and bulletins will emanate from Tanzania.

There are vast of objectives but here are major of them;
v  To discover, nature, equip, coach, exercise, brand and market all the natural talents that are lying within ladies potentials
v  To zoom and place different ladies with different potentials on top where everybody can see, and thus whoever will be in need of such potentials will easily sight out.
v  To equip them with truth, moral and our country’s civilization as they grow and understand more about themselves and their roles in their society.
v  Life coaching; Carrier guidance and individual capacity building
v  To nature and produce true patriot of African natural beauty, who are futuristic and have bet to remain pure until when they got legal permit (Marriage)
v  To prepare brave leaders who can stand for what they know and believe is true and legitimate, ladies who can utilize the ample of their potentials to educate themselves and others in the society and the whole society at large.

To see ladies who are proud to be who they are, proud of their talents and other potentials that they have, ladies who can’t abase themselves and can’t compromise to ungodly matters; ladies who can’t trade their humility such as offering sex in order to get what they deserved to get by just who they are such as Jobs that they are qualifying to, pass mark in schools and access to different leadership posts. To see ladies who are proud of their natural African beauty, patriot of their culture, ladies who have pledged to remain pure and the one who have aimed to be good women and best wives in future; To see ladies who will say NO! to western cultures and abase whites’ civilization which abuses our civilization, ladies who will work hard than harder and not ladies who will wait to receive from men because that might be very lazy society.

Everybody in our society has to be part of this project for the results of it will benefit the whole society….let the church be ahead in praying for them and wishing good for them to succeed……let ladies with different talents and potentials be ahead on stage and others be down watching and learning from them and from what they are doing…let others support the project in all spheres such as financially, morally, intellectually and psychologically….let the parents encourage their children especially their daughters to work hard on their talents and to have sense of future with whatever they are doing….let the government support them by any means possible and practical……let the media be ahead on promoting such talents and airing the contents of presentations and the society as the whole will be participating by altering positively what they have learned!

Author’s note
This is the vision that has come to me very clearly that we have to do something to support this natural potentials which most of them are living unutilized and are buried unleashed. It is true that there are different few platforms where gifts and talents are being natured and traded but that is not enough compared to reality, it is the fact that female mankind is bigger that male mankind but in manifestation of different potentials female mankind are not clearly seen while they are the one who shape the future of any society for what they feed their babies;
 Sex business, drug abuse, moral deterioration, early pregnancies and artificial beautification is the result of Identity crisis among our people including this group (ladies) now we can’t just stay idle complaining but we have to do something about it, I believe if female mankind will be empowered, motivated, natured and well informed then the whole society will be strong and futuristic. It is my desire to see different gifts and talents by Tanzanian ladies excelling and shinning out to the world, promoting our country, our culture and our God!
Personally I have strong trust over ladies and women for my mother has proven it into my life, I have seen the need (other call it a challenge), I have sited out a solution and I am ready to invest my intelligent, my creativity, my time and my finance over this matter just to see a better futuristic society that will cater, maintain and keep our true values in generations to come for the sake of the Glory of God in Tanzania.
It might be very minute to the world but I am sure it will mean a lot to someone who will be the beneficiary of this project, I won’t stay idle complaining to issues that I am capable of doing something, so no matter what I will do something anyway and THIS IS IT…my purpose is my destiny, I am a solution to whatever challenge that counterfeit with my natural potential, YES! I live for mankind!

Hope the idea is clearly understood and you are already challenged and you are thinking to do something, Yes! This is the right time and you must do something that is lying within your capacity. Whatever opinions, advise and contributions that you think can be of great importance to this project, please you are welcome and above all you are very invited to be part of this new movement.

Idea & Concept note by
Chavala Ideas Platform
Fredy E. Chavala <King Chavala-MC>
+255 713 883 797


Here is the special moment for youth and young proffessionals especially students from secondary schools to higher learning institutions, every last saturday of the month there are these gatherings at VCC Victoria for free plus free breakfast, and this coming one we will be looking on howa someone can UNLOCK HIS/HER POTENTIAL in a wider perspective!
Come and learn from live testimonies from A businessman Daniel Mikenze who started very low and now is among big employer of his agement and the Founder and King of Stand up Comedy,Fredy Chavala who is still growing with a great foundation.
Come one come all, we will have Music artists like Sarah Shilla, Bomby Johnson and Rivers of Joy Juniors, i am sure your mind will be shaked on 31st August 2013, you need not to miss this!!

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Papaa On Tuesday....Kuku anayetaga Huwa Hachinjwi!!!!

Kwenye kiswahili kuna methali, nahau na Misemo ambayo huwa inatupa tafakari ya kina kuhusu maisha. Na hii misemo yote ni kwa ajili ya kutufunza kile wahenga wanachodhani ni busara kwenye kizazi chao, Chetu na kinachokuja kujifunza kutoka kwao katika yale waliyoyapitia. Kwenye mila za Kiafrika kuku huliwa wakati wa sikukuu ama anapokuwa anakuja mgeni. Ukiacha siku hizi kwenye huu ujio wa Kuku wa Kizungu enzi hizo wakati Nahau zinatungwa kulikuwa hakuna wazo kama kuna Kuku aina nyingine watakuwepo duniani kila nyumba ilikuwa na utamaduni wa kufuga kuku hasa kwenye jamii za wafugaji, inapotokea kuna ugeni katika nyumba fulani basi ndio wakati muafaka sana wa kuku kuchinjwa. Katika banda kulikuwa kuna jogoo na wale wanaotaga kwa ajili ya kutotoa kuongeza uzao. Kuku wanaotaga walikuwa wanahifadhiwa kwa ajili ya manufaa ya baadae ndipo wahenga wakasema "Kuku anayetaga huwa hachinjwi".

Kuna mambo kadha wa kadha ya kujifunza kupitia kuku wa kutaga na suala zima la kuchinja kuku. Kuchinja ni kuondoa uhai wa kuku na kupoteza faida ambazo mfugaji angeendelea kuzipata iwapo angeendelea kufuga yule kuku. Tunachangamoto kubwa sana ya kujua kwenye maisha yetu nini ni kuku anayetaga na lini pia achinjwe. Wengi tumekuwa tukichinja kuku anayetaga na kupoteza kabisa dira za kwenye maisha. Fursa ambazo huwa zinakuja kwenye maisha yetu ni nadra sana kuzirudia kwa sababu mbalimbali tumekuwa tukizipoteza ama kuziharibu kwa kutokujua kuwa yamkini fursa hizo zingetusaidia kwa mambo mengine kwenye maisha.

Mara kadhaa nimeongea kwenye hadhara ambazo nimekuwa na fursa ya kuzungumza kuhusu Kizazi tulichonacho kisivyoweza kuziona na kuzithamini fursa tulizonazo. Wengi wetu ni ngumu kuzikabiri changamoto tunazokutana nazo kwenye maisha iwe ajira, iwe mahusiano, iwe kitaaluma iwe chochote kile kizazi hiki tumejifunza kuchukua maamuzi ya hasira kuliko busara, wengi tunaamini tunaweza ishi bila yeyote,na tunaweza fanya chochote pasipo msaada wa yeyote mwisho wa siku tunakwama kwenye mambo mengi kwa sababu tulidhani sisi ndio kila kitu. Ndio maana leo mtu akiwa na hasira anaweza ukashangaa alikuwa anafanya kazi kutokana na namna moja ama nyingine anakasirishwa na mazingira ya kazi anaamua kuongea yote, anafunguka kupita maelezo utamsikia "kazi itakuwa hii bana, kazi zipo za maana, kaofisi gani haka" anaongea mwisho wa siku anaamua kuacha anarudi nyumbani hasira zikiisha anagundua kuwa alitukana Wakunga wakati uzazi ungalipo alimchinja kuku anayetaga tena kwa kisu butu.

Maamuzi ambayo tunayafanya kwenye maisha hutugharimu iwapo hatutajua matokeo ya maamuzi hayo maana tunao uwezo wa kuchagua nini cha kufanya hila hatuna uwezo wa kuamua namna ya matokeo iwapo tu matokeo yanajulikana na unapaswa ukubaliane nayo. Unao uwezo wa kuchinja kuku anayetaga ama asiyetaga. Asilimia kubwa ya watanzania tunaishi katika nyumba za kupanga unaishije na majirani zako, unaishije na watu wanaokuzunguka. Mkorofi hana dini wala kabila dini yake na kabila lake ni Ukorofi. Ukiona majirani hawakushirikishi katika mambo yao mengi ujiulize unaishije na walimwengu. Ukitaka kujua kipimo kidogo cha wewe unavyoishi na walimwengu subiri ikifika jambo lako uone walimwengu watalipokeaje na kulichangamkia kiasi gani. Kama wewe kila msiba uko busy ama kila mambo ya wenzio uko busy basi subiri ya kwako yakifika na ukagundua unawahitaji watu wawe na wewe. Biblia inasema unavyotaka watu wakufanyie wafanyie wewe kwanza. Jirani na nilipokuwa nikiishi Block 41 enzi hizo kulikuwa na mdada ambaye alikuwa na gari yake full tinted, anaweza akapita kijiweni wala asisalimie ingawa salamu haipotezi chochote, anaweza akakukuta barazani atataka wewe ndiwe umuanze alikuwa anajua hawahitaji wale watu wa mtaa ule yeye level nyingine siku ya siku gari lake likaingia kwenye mtaro, dada wa watu akashindwa kushuka kwenye gari akahangaika mwisho akashuka watu wamekaa kwenye vibaraza vyao wanamtazama, akaenda kuomba vijana wa kijiweni wamsaidie wakamuuliza "hivi leo ndo unajua sisi ni watu"??pamoja na kutangaza angetoa fedha watu wakamkatalia, akadhani atashinda vita ya wema kwa nyodo akachukua simu akampigia boyfriend wake aje nae alipofika hakuwa na msaada ikabidi apige kaka wa watu aombe radhi kwa niaba ya mpenzi wake ili kupata msaada wa kusukuma gari lile, ajabu wale vijana wakasukuma gari na wakakataa kuchukua hela, tangu siku ile maisha ya mdada yalibadirika salamu mbele kama skafu ya Chama Cha Maskauti.

Kwanini tufanya maamuzi ambayo hata kama yatatugharimu baadae lakini tuchague kwa busara. Kwanini kuvunja simu ya mumeo au mpenzio kwa sababu eti umekuta sms usizozielewa. Kwani tatizo ni simu ama ni mtu wengi tunapambana na matokeo ya tabia tukidhani tunadhibiti chanzo cha tabia. Juzi kati nimesikia kuna mtu amechoma gari la mumewe baada ya kukuta kwenye gari la mumewe kuna Condom. Sasa ukichoma gari ndio unakuwa umemaliza tatizo la usaliti??Usiharibu leo wakati unajua kesho utahitaji ama utawahitaji hao watu ama mtu. Kizazi chetu ni kizazi cha Maamuzi ya hasira wapenzi wakikosana solution ya kwanza ni Kuchuniana, baada ya masaa 600 ndio wanakuja kuanza kuongelea mgogoro wao wa mapenzi. Kiwango cha kukabiriana na changamoto kinadhoofishwa na maamuzi wa haraka haraka tunayoyachukua huku tukiwa bado tunauhitaji wa kile ambacho tunataka kukipoteza leo. Tumechinja kuku anayetaga wa kazi zetu, tumechinja mahusiano yetu, tumechinja biashara zetu wenyewe wakati bado tunavihitaji.

Idadi ya watu wanaoweza kuamini inazidi kupungua, kila mtu anajihami na mwenzake kisaikolojia ama kivitendo kabisa, kwenye ajira mabosi wa kikaburu na wafanyakazi wa kibongo full stress, wanandoa wanawake walishaamini hakuna mwanaume ambaye ha-chit wote wanachit sema hatujui tu, wanachit kwa sms, wanachit kingono, wanachit ki fedha, marafiki wanaoaminiana wako wachache wengi wetu wanaishi bila na kuwa best friend, wengi wanaishi maisha ya wenyewe wenyewe wakidhani wakikaa wenyewe ndio watakuwa salama zaidi. Nani anamwamini nani kiasi cha kwamba akafunguka asilimia 500 hata wachungaji hawaaminiwi itakuwa waumini. Ukimkopesha mtu fedha leo unaweka na asilimia za kuamini kuwa utazungushwa kuipata hela yako. Kuna wengine kwa ajili ya kukopa kopa wanashindwa kabisa kuaminiwa hata kama wanashida kubwa na ya ukweli. Kuna siku walichinja kuku wa kutaga matokeo yake hana tena msaada kutoka kaw watu. Ukifika saa ya wewe kukopa basi kila mtu atatoa sababu utasikia "yaani sasa hivi hapa nimelipa ada".

Kila maamuzi unayoyachukua leo yatakugharimu either kwa heri ama kwa shari. Ukiamua kuchinja kuku wa kutaga basi jua unapoteza kuku na mayai, na vifaranga. Busara katika kuamua ndio msingi wa maendeleo. Inawezekana leo ukaamua jambo ambalo wengi wasijue maana yake. Inawezekana una kuku mmoja ndo huyo huyo ambaye anataga hata angekuja mgeni gani huwezi mchinja huyo kuku sababu una hakika kabisa nikimuacha leo baada ya siku chache nitakuja kuwa na kuku wengi. Maamuzi ya kutokuchinja ni maamuzi yako na sio maamuzi mepesi lakini maamuzi ya kutokufanya sasa yana faida zaidi kuliko ukaamua kuchinja leo. Kuna mambo mengi sana kwa sababu ya marafiki, sababu za tamaa zetu, sababu za Kutafuta sifa kwenye maisha tumejikuta tumechinja Kuku anayetaga na kusahau kuwa yamkini huyu kuku angetufaa baadae. Majuto ni Mjukuu wa Baba anayeitwa maamuzi na mama anayeitwa wakati sahihi. Ukiamua jambo sahihi wakati sahihi unaitwa una hekima kama sio busara, ukikosea hapo utakutana na majuto mtaa wa mbele.

Kukua wa Kutaga Huwa Hachinjwi.
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